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25th June 2018

Council threatens enforcement action over outdoor decking at Alice House pub

    One of the documents used in the Alice House's retrospective application for planning consent, published on Camden Council's website

    Published: 20 November, 2016

    A WEST Hampstead pub which installed outdoor decking without planning permission has been told by the Town Hall that it cannot have retrospective consent for the work.

    The verdict from council planners has raised the possibility of the timber decker at the Alice House in West End Lane, which provides a popular seating area for customers during warmer months, being removed.

    Camden Council had only received one objection to the work when its planning department surveyed opinion.

    But planning officer Anna Rowe said in a report published on Friday that enforcement action could now be issued after permission was refused. She said that the decking was "perceived as an obtrusive, out of scale addition to the property".

    The New Journal reported in June how the one objector to put their complaint in writing said they were concerned about the amount of room left on the pavement for people passing by, particularly those with buggies. The case has been on the desk of planners for nearly seven months.

    Planning agents for the Alice House said in their application: "The principle of such amenities for a public house should be welcomed on the basis that it helps towards promoting use of the premises. The public house sector is recognised as being under continual threat from closure and so it is hoped that the council can take a sympathetic stance from this viewpoint."



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