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21st September 2018

Camden Lock Market is sold in multi-million-pound deal

    Camden Lock Market has been sold to Stanley Sidings Ltd in a deal believed to be worth tens of millions of pounds 

    Published: 10 October, 2014

    THE owners of Camden Town’s Stables and Hawley Wharf markets have announced today (Friday) they have sealed a multi-million-pound deal to buy the Lock Market.

    Stanley Sidings Ltd now owns all four premier markets sites in Camden Town, having bought the Buck Street market two weeks ago.

    Israeli billionaire Teddy Sagi, who owns the company, has a property portfolio estimated to be worth over £2billion and owns hotels, homes and offices across both the UK and Germany. He finalised the Lock Market deal today. The sale price has not been revealed, but it is believed to run into tens of millions of pounds.

    Camden Lock Market was owned for four decades by the Fulford family, and Will Fulford, the son of Bill Fulford who established the canalside market in the 1970s, will remain in place overseeing a redevelopment programme that has yet to be given planning permission.

    Announcing the deal, Stanley Sidings stressed that all current staff at the market would have their jobs safeguarded, and stallholders were informed of the change of ownership this afternoon.

    Stanley Sidings property director Mark Alper said: “We are not just gaining an iconic market, but a world-renowned brand and great traders, retailers and management team.

    “Our aim now is to look at long-term regeneration of the markets whilst taking an holistic approach to Camden Town as a whole. We intend to continue the current planning process for Camden Lock Market as part of our long-term plans and extensive investment in the town centre.”

    A spokesperson for investment firm Brockton Captial, who bought the Lock Market form the Fulford family three years ago, said: “Over the last three years we have greatly improved the appearance, operation, management and food and beverage offer at Camden Lock Market, resulting in a market which appeals to local people and visitors alike.

    “We are pleased to be passing on the market to our neighbours, so that they can take forward a genuinely holistic approach to Camden Lock, Hawley Wharf and Stables Markets and we are delighted that they will take on the highly regarded management team as well.”


    Corporate wrecking ball strikes again

    The development of Camden market and the lock market is in no way of any benefit whatsoever to the residents, especially long time residents of Camden who will no doubt all be driven out by ever upwards spiralling private rents. I moved out of Camden with my young family just 6 months ago after facing yet another rent rise (my rent rose 140% in just seven years) and many of my neighbours have following close behind me. For many years now the developers have done nothing for local families or the artists, musicians, shop keepers and stall holders who made Camden great for many decades. Culture can't be bought or contrived; it's something which grows from ground level. No-one who stands to benefit financially from this corporate wrecking ball cares about the mass exodus of musicians and artists (such as myself) from the area. All the developer (and previous developer) and the council cares about is £££ in the bank. Fact. As Bob Dylan once said "Money doesn't talk. It swears".

    camden lock market

    ive worked at 2 of the Dingwalls clubs from 1986 to present day. It was all re-developed in 1989 around camden lock, and now, just 25 years later, its due for redevelopment again, and I fear this one will wipe away the whole area under canalside apartments. These developers dont want food stalls and places to eat, they want property. Dingwalls will go this time, a place of historic importance for The Lock and Camden. It was the setting up of Dingwalls in 1973 as a music venue that then led to a few people doing a small market at the weekend, the Lock Market. This was the first market in Camden, the high street was still normal, as were the shops, and the lock, no one was interested in Camden. Dingwalls started it all...and now, after its boom years of greed, the most important reason for camden market (Dingwalls) will be raised to the ground for the greed of an Israeli developer who has more money than anyone in London....its a joke, and sad reflection of the greed of land-owners. 

    positive move for Camden

    I think this is a great move with plenty of investment into Camden, subject to the maintenance of Camden's character. Status quo also needs modernisation....

    final nail in camden coffin

    camden has truly died a death, everyone with any sense would have moved out before now anyway, but this is the final nail in coffin.

    final nail in camden coffin

    Looks like you have hit the nail right on the head, Stanley sidings are a development company, and boy do they really mean to develop? the writing has been on the wall for some time, and the dessication of good old Camden town is just a few blinks away,

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