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20th June 2018

Deliveroo rejects union’s ‘Camden Zone’ pay plea

    Published: 25 November, 2016

    A TRADE union arguing for improved pay and working conditions for a group of Camden delivery drivers is expected to take legal action after the company refused to meet its demands. 

    The Independent Workers of Great Britain (IWGB) union challenged Deliveroo to class riders in a “Camden Zone” as employees rather than the current “independent contractors”.

    They called on the company to officially recognise the union when it came to riders in Camden in a campaign that had been boosted by a recent High Court ruling in an almost identical case involving Uber minicab drivers. 

    But in a letter to IWGB, seen by the New Journal, Deliveroo said it would prefer to continue to “engage” with the union “on an informal basis”, adding the “proposed bargaining unit of ‘Drivers in the Camden Zone’” was an “artificial subset” and the union “did not represent the majority of riders”. 

    IWGB general secretary Jason Moyer Lee said: “Deliveroo’s response to our request for collective bargaining is unfortunate but unsurprising. Deliveroo has shown that it, like other companies in the so-called gig economy, is not going to do the right thing untiul it is forced to."


    Does the Camden New Journal

    Does the Camden New Journal still employ reporters on a freelance basis rather than confer full employment rights with employed status?
    Does the Camden New Journal still fail to offer its staff union recognition and collective bargaining?

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